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RSA Sports International, Inc. established in 1992 is the leading Sports Radio programming and marketing company in the world! As one of the early pioneers in Sports Radio, the company’s President and CEO, Rick Scott, has been on the cutting edge of sports programming and marketing on radio over 25 years. Add in Rick’s expertise and knowledge in radio programming, marketing, digital, social media and management and it creates a powerful resource for any broadcast operation.

The company was founded with a basic concept of fostering a new young format, Sports Radio, to grow and become a force within the radio industry. And today Sports Radio stations across North America, Canada and the world are among the most successful in their respective markets. RSA Sports is proud to have partnered with many of these stations including The Ticket/Dallas, The Fan/Toronto, The Fanatic/Philadelphia, The Fan/Denver, Arizona Sports/Phoenix, The Game/San Francisco, ESPN 1000-WMVP/Chicago, 101 ESPN/St. Louis, KFAN/Minneapolis, Team 1040/Vancouver, 710 ESPN/Seattle, The Fan/Columbus, Townsquare Media as well as ESPN Radio and their owned and operated stations in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Dallas. In addition the company has partnered with the Oakland A’s, Seattle Mariners and the (former) Seattle SuperSonics.

Here’s how we work;
The on-air product for any Sports Radio station must sparkle and be compelling to attract an audience that demands instant gratification. The station must sound great while meeting and exceeding the expectations of the listeners. This comes from understanding the individual elements that are the foundation of the format and how to integrate those elements into an engaging presentation on-air. Those elements must be positioned and imaged just the right way to gain the maximum benefit.

Strategy and tactics are often aligned with the ‘corporate’ and ‘academic’ world. However, both are essential in developing a successful Sports Radio station. We tap a strong educational background in marketing with the understanding it takes a combination of “doing the right things” and “doing things right” to deliver ratings and revenue winners! The exclusive Sports Radio Strategic and Tactical Planning Session(TM) has been created combining the basics of Kotler and the BCG theory along with Rick Scott & Associates expertise of Sports Radio.

It is one thing to have the product but another to make sure the audience is aware of it. Sending the proper message about a Sports Radio station’s position and image to the audience is a pivotal point in creating a winner. Too often, messages to listeners are mixed, diluted and too numerous to create a consistent impression. As a result, the station falls short in the ratings recall game. A variety of styles from entertaining to informative can be used to deliver the message, however, it must be consistent.

Maximizing existing audience is a major part of achieving success with Sports Radio. It is also a specialty of Rick Scott & Associates. Using the proper techniques and tools means the difference between being #1 and a second tier ranking in the target demo! Always utilize the opportunity to increase listening from those who already sample the station.

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