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Very excited to announce the partnership with Westwood One for distribution and sales of Checkpoint Radio! Here’s the official press release.

Checkpoint Radio and Westwood One Partner!



The Salt Lake City Screaming Eagles, an indoor football league franchise, let the fans have a voice in deciding whether or not to sign former NFL Pro Bowler Greg Hardy. The team also has run polls to let fans decide on the team’s name, uniforms and logo. How can you incorporate fans of your brand into the decision making process giving them a voice? Read more on the SLC Screaming Eagles story by clicking HERE.

Storytelling is amazingly powerful. It goes back to when we were kids and had stories read to us. Storytelling draws us into the experience and provides so many ‘touchpoints” that are instantly relatable. Think of anyone who is successful; nine times out of ten they are a great storyteller. The best personalities have an incredible to share a story with their audience. And brands, especially Sports Radio, can use storytelling to build their position. Here’s a good read about using storytelling to build your brand! Just click this┬álink. Enjoy!!

The stats on E-Sports are mind-boggling as it continues to grow. Recently several NBA owners have purchased E-Sports franchises/teams. The latest being the Miami Heat with their purchase of The Misfits, a south Florida E-Sports team. With the growth of we’re excited to offer the first E-Sports show for radio. Checkpoint is a two-hour weekly show which can be aired anytime from Thursday through Monday of the broadcast week. For a demo and more info click here.

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